Monday, October 5, 2015

Dear John

He's my husband, Dear John. He's the sweetest guy I know, aside from my twin brother. He amazes me everyday with his gentleness and kindness. He grounds me in every single way. My safe place to lay. Just a hug from him makes everything okay. When my world is falling apart, he let's me know that it really isn't. He can build, with his hands, whatever I imagine up, he can fix whatever I break, and he can make my heart melt with just three words.
Oh, Dear John. He is a good man, a good son, a great dad and a loving husband. He would literally give you the shirt off of his back, if he thought you needed it. Being a veteran of the USAF, he can hold a mean political conversation. Currently he is kicking nursing school's butt, though he thinks it's kicking his. He will make a great nurse with that big, caring heart of his.
Have you ever looked at someone and thought they looked like a big teddy bear? Yeah, he's 'that' guy. I'm so blessed to call him mine. He puts up with all my crazy idea's, my hippie way of thinking and my insane mood swings. Dear John is a keeper!
He loves to hunt more than anything and Lord help us all when football season starts! He usually watches the entire game standing up, screaming at the tv. Go Gators!
I wouldn't change one thing about him. I know he loves me just the way I am. I can feel it everday and there is no one else I'd rather have by my side on this crazy journey of life. I love you, Dear John.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hello, Spring!

Spring, the promise of something new. A renewal, a rebirth. After the slumber of winter, things are waking up around here, and we are thankful.
We've had gorgeous weather and some pretty amazing sunsets this month. Enjoying every single moment...Coffee on the porch, fires in the backyard, fishing, planning our summer garden, and we've adopted a new hen. 
I'm excited for what this season has in store.

Happy Spring, friends.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Late Sunday, February.

It's late. Really late. I'm sitting in my living room on the couch, with a freshly folded stack of warm towels. It's quiet, except for the slight humming from the refrigerator and the ticking of a nearby clock. I've been thinking about today and how fast it went by. It was a really good day for all of us. Productive. The guys have been cutting down pine trees for the past two days and we now have huge stacks of fire wood for our outside fire pit. The backyard feels more sunny and roomy. Which is great for the garden and clothesline. Still lots to be done. 

Today was a beautiful day, in the low 70's. We had a light lunch outside by the fire while swinging and chatting. This evening, I made the best pot of homemade vegetable beef soup while doing some laundry and indoor chores. What better way to end the day, than with a bowl of comfort food and a new episode of 'The Walking Dead'? Happy Monday, Y'all!!

Light & Love,

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Things that make me happy!

There is so much to be happy about these days. All of the beauty that surrounds us. All of the wonderful people in our lives. Sunrises. Sunsets. A lot. For me, it's always been about the simple things. And really surrounding yourself daily with 'little pieces of  happy' is key. I think we all know what we like and what we don't like. What makes us happy and what doesn't. Sometimes, writing them down is a good way to remind yourself of who you are and what you want. Maybe a good way to add a little bit of happiness back into your everyday life. What makes you happy?? Here is just a glance of what makes me happy daily...

four fluffy butts

 fresh eggs, daily

the smell of an old book

wooden spoons

 fresh coffee and my little wooden scoop



our crazy rooster, Julian

chasing sunlight

the smell of clean sheets

this guy, us



Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Feeding our Souls

With my husband by my side,
quietly, I sit watching the sun slowly go down below the trees.
Her golden rays reflecting off the lake.
Sparkling like champagne. I can feel the temperature dropping on this winters eve, and the warmth from the coffee in my hand is like a small hug. Inviting. The crickets are chirping, and I can hear a flock of birds flying overhead. I look up to see them, so gracefully, and in unison, pass by.
So free,
I think to myself.

John and I don't talk much during sunsets.
We just sit and enjoy what she has to say, the
beautiful sun. It's a reminder of something bigger than us.
Nothing we could say could ever compare to what she has to offer at that very moment. That moment when she's going to bed and gives us her last dance of the day.

So we sit in silence. We watch and listen.
Soak in all the good and let go of all the bad. Just us, together in a moment.
Feeding our souls.
I will always cherish each sunset we share.
I love you, my dearest husband.

Always, Diane

Saturday, January 17, 2015


As a winter usual, I've been hibernating this month. Doing a lot of cooking, reading, and Netflixing! Getting my days and nights mixed up from staying up way too late. I do manage to get out and spend a few hours outdoors on occasion. If you know me, then you know I just don't like the cold weather. Sweaters, warm socks, blankets and coffee are my closest friends as of late.

This week, I figured out how to make the perfect pot of rice. I've been doing it all wrong for too long. Crazy, right? Turns out, I was adding too much water. Conquering the kitchen, one dish at a time! 

Also, I tried a new, simple way of cooking sweet potatoes. Delicious!

Peel and cube potatoes. (I did small bite-sized cubes)
Toss in 2-3 tlbsp. of olive oil
Sprinkle with sea salt and pepper to taste.
Cook in cast iron skillet over medium heat until tender. (I like mine a little blackened) 

That's it! So easy and good. And healthy! My guys loved them, too.

Yesterday evening, I had a short visit with my dear friend, Sissie. We met out at her goat farm. Played with all the new, little babies, drank coffee, watched the sunset, and had a nice chat catching up on life. Was good to get outside!

Hope you're all staying warm and cozy!


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January, 2015!!

Happy New Year! I still can't wrap my head around it being a new year already. We made it through December with one of the best Christmas' yet. We all spent the night at mama's house on Christmas Eve. My mama, brother, sister and I, and our little families were all together under one roof. We played games, watched movies, ate oysters by the fire, made candy, laughed, cried and had the most precious time. My mama was happy and so were we. I wouldn't change a thing about it. It was perfect! Hope your Christmas was wonderful, too!

So, here we are. It's January. I still have a mound of laundry to do, and there are remnants of wrapping paper laying around, yet I'm sitting here drinking my second cup of coffee and writing this post. I'm not one to make new year resolutions, however, I do have a plan for a great year. I mean, don't we always plan for a great year anyway? Seems kind of silly once you say it out loud or write it down. It's going to be a bit crazy come spring, J.T. graduates high school.  (long pause) Still soaking that in as well.  He was just six years old not long ago. My husband starts nursing tomorrow, yes tomorrow!! So, what's my plan? My plan is to be the 'calm' in the storms ahead. The meal planner, chef, problem solver, garden planner, chicken whisperer, back patter, hug giver, you know...the usual!  (Smile) I just want to keep things on track and running smoothly. So... my goal, my 'plan' is to keep this house a home, a place of comfort and love.  It's simple really. Consciously slowing down and taking time for life. I don't want to just drink a cup of coffee, I want to drink a cup of GOOD coffee. I most certainly don't want to "microblast" it three times before I have finished it. You know? Planning meals in advance and having all the ingredients in my kitchen make it easier to eat healthier, make homemade meals and stay away from processed foods. Plan, schedule, and slowwww down.  That's it. Live intentionally. Enjoy it. Love it. Life is short. One minute you are six, and the next minute you are graduating high school...and before you know it your forty-two year old husband is attending nursing school.

Now, I'm off to "microblast" my coffee and tackle that mound of laundry! Ha Ha. (True Story)
Hope you all have a happy and healthy New Year!

Light and Love,